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Quick But Vital Tips For Building An Addition To An Existing Structure

So you have decided to build an addition to an existing structure? Good for you. Do you know where to build it? Do you have original blueprints of the original structure, and blueprints of the new addition? Do you have the necessary permits? Where are you going to put the supplies while you are building? Is there easy access to where you are going to add-on? Do you need something to reach up to the second story while you are adding on? These are all vital questions to ask yourself, and know the answer to, before adding on an existing structure.

There are other things to consider as well. If you live in a hot (or cold) climate, are you going to be able to extend the air conditioner (or heater) into that addition to make it livable? Is the framing of the new addition going to be done by you, and do you need inspections done, or are you having a professional do it?

Sometimes people hire a professional to do the structural work, and then they do the finishing work on the inside. That is one option. Another is to be the overseer and hire someone to do it all. Still another is to do it all yourself. Depending on the laws in your state, any of these options will work. Depending on the time you have to devote to the project, and when you need it completed, other options may be used as well.

Just remember, adding a structure is a big deal. Do not go into the project expecting it to be simple and easy, because it is not; it is complicated, but it is worth it.