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House Needs A Paint Job? Reconsider Doing It Yourself And Hire A Contractor

Just because you know how to paint does not necessarily mean that you should try to do house painting yourself. Sometimes working with a contractor is a much better idea for a variety of reasons – not the least of which is because they will come in with a crew and get the prep work and paint job done in a much quicker timeframe than you could by working alone or with a couple of your friends.

We’ve all painted a room or two, and that can be fun and easy. But if your house needs a real paint job – which means professionally preparing the surfaces and applying at least two or more coats of the right type of paint – it’s time to call a contractor. By the time you acquire all the necessary scaffolds, ladders, brushes, and other equipment you’ll already be spending a lot of cash, and if you use a contractor he or she should be able to get a special price on good paint.

Expert professionals will also take care of issues like sanding, caulking, intricate trim work, and covering furniture and other surfaces so they don’t accidently get dripped on or stained. Good painters will even check for rotten wood and other issues that could otherwise go undetected and cause you bigger problems. If you have a mildew or mold problem, for instance, an expert paint contractor can remedy that with proper paints, primers, and sealants.