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Things To Expect When You Hire A Painter

Not all house painters are created equal, so it is important to hire the best painter possible ā€“ and it is also essential that you know what to expect from a professional painter. Top quality painters are expected to be responsible for not just painting, for example, but also for doing all the necessary preparation work to ensure that the paint job is done correctly. That includes patching and sanding blemishes in walls, removing old dried-out caulking and replacing it with fresh caulk, and taping off any surfaces that are in danger of being accidentally painted.

Before painting, old paint needs to be scraped and the painter has to also determine what type of paint to use. Painting with latex paint on top of old oil-based paint, for example, can create problems that make the new coat peel or blister. Similarly, using semi-gloss around doorframes can make them easier to wash when they get covered with fingerprints ā€“ and glossy or semi-glossy paints also tend to stand out better for visual contrast.

Painters should be in charge of gathering all their materials, including the paint, and if they have ladders and tools they should ensure that at night after the painters leave your home that none of these are left in an inconvenient or potentially hazardous spot. They should cover furniture and then clean up after themselves, which can usually take an extra hour or two. So good painters will plan for that and write it into their paint contract and daily work schedule.