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Why You Should Hire A Professional To Build Your Retaining Wall

The need for a retaining arises when the earth begins to shift, erode, crumble, or otherwise change its position due to the influence of gravity. In some situations that may not be a problem, but when the force of physics sends tons of dirt down against the side of your house, for example, you’ve got a serious problem worthy of professional attention.

A professional should always be consulted regarding any potential problems that can be cured with a solid, sturdy retaining wall. Unless you use a pro, for instance, you could simply make matters worse. That often happens when a retaining wall is erected without a proper degree of backward incline or the right drainage system – factors that make the wall collapse and create even more damage that before you paid to have it installed.

A professional will know precisely what angle to use when putting in the wall, what types of masonry to use, and how to design drain holes along the wall at the right height and in the proper locations to ensure that they work. Then the contractor will also use a system like a perforated pipe or a French drain to siphon away that water so that it does not damage the wall, your yard, your home, or your neighbor’s property – which could be a catastrophe.