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Types Of Surveillance Cameras

When live in an era when practically everywhere there is some kind of surveillance going on, both in public as well as private locations. Walk down the street and the chances are good that you are being watched and recorded by a government surveillance system meant to enhance public safety.

Go strolling through a store, a shopping mall, an airport, or a school building and it is almost guaranteed that there is an electronic eye watching your movements. Look up at the corner of the ceiling in your local bank and there it is – the watchful video camera. There is also one in every ATM machine, and many times you are being caught on camera in people’s homes.

There are all types, sizes, and shapes of surveillance cameras – ranging from baby cams hidden in teddy bears to satellite systems droning overhead so high in the sky that you cannot even see them with the naked eye. There are spy cams you can conceal in a light switch, a lapel pin, or in a book on a shelf in your office. To learn more about the astonishing variety of surveillance cameras and security monitoring cams and devices now available to consumers, homeowners, and businesses, just contact a local security company that specializes in cameras and monitors.