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Installing An Oil Boiler Or Radiator: Hiring An Oil Boiler Contractor

These days – when modern HVAC systems have replaced many of those great old-fashioned boiler and radiator heating systems – many homeowners have no idea what they are missing out on, because heating with radiators is about as good at it gets. The only potential downside is that since there are not as many of these oil boilers in use, finding and hiring a skillful contractor to do the installation can be a little harder.

But fortunately there are still some really top-notch oil boiler and radiator installation professionals working all around the region. You can find them by asking other contractors – such as plumbers, electricians, or home inspectors – or by doing an Internet or Google search using search words like “professional oil boiler contractor.”

Before you hire someone, be sure to make sure they have any licenses or certifications that are required to do boiler or radiator work in . Otherwise you could get in trouble with building codes or your homeowner’s insurance policy company.

You may also want to ask whether the installer sells and services boilers and radiators, and whether or not they can hook you up with good used or refurbished parts. That can save you a ton of money, and it is always good to know that the people who installed your boiler are available in just in case you need their help with a repair or system maintenance issue.