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Installing A Swamp Cooler

If you are considering installing a swamp cooler then you probably live in a place that has a climate like we have. Travel around the country to other places – like up north where folks are more accustomed to cold, damp, frigid temperatures and you’ll probably find out that most people there have never even heard of a swamp cooler. They might think it’s some kind of Louisiana-style beverage served up in summertime.

But if you live around you probably know that installing a swamp cooler is a great way to keep your home comfortable – even during the hottest and most sweltering months of the year – and that good swamp coolers don’t run up your energy bills, either.

Installing a swamp cooler in is one of those jobs that lots of fly-by-night contractors claim they can do really well. But don’t be fooled, because many of those who advertise are really not qualified to do an expert job. If you are getting a swamp cooler installed check around and hire someone who has lots of experience with installation, service, and maintenance of swamp coolers. Then turn the whole job over to them and breathe a sigh of relief because soon you, too, will have an awesome swamp cooler to keep your home beautifully climate controlled all summer long.