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Installing A Gas Or Electric Furnace: Furnace Contractors

Whether you are investing in a new gas furnace or have decided to go with an electric model, you definitely want to have a really good furnace contractor do the installation. These kinds of furnaces – both gas and electric – are not inexpensive, and you don’t want to pay for a great unit and then have it installed by somebody who does not know what they’re doing.

Not only is it a financial issue, but using any type of furnace to heat your home becomes a potential health issue as well. That’s because a faulty heat exchanger on a gas furnace, for example, can leak carbon monoxide into your home. Hundreds of people are sickened or killed by this silent, odorless, potentially deadly gas because of faulty gas furnaces. Electrical units or systems can also be hazardous because any electrical appliance has to be installed according to specific building codes and manufacturer recommendations – otherwise it can fail to work or even cause an electrical fire.

Check local listings of furnace contractors and hire a good one. By using your local you may also be able to save money on your furnace purchase, and many furnace professionals are also assisting their customers with getting valuable energy savings rebates and tax incentives now offered to qualified homeowners for a limited time.